International Artists

  • Exhibition Brief:

MIAF is on its 2nd Edition, connecting local, regional, and international artists in the same realm for an international artistic and cultural exchange through a wide gamut of artistic initiatives. Artists are invited to present their work under the theme “Bridge the Gap- Build the Future


  • Exhibition Theme: “Bridge the Gap- Build the Future”

The selected artist will need to present one Artwork with any medium including (Painting, Sculpture, Installation, digital media, and photography) that reflect speaks about, “Bridge the Gap- Build the Future”

Race, language, religion, and social statuses ripple through the fractures of society, further widening the gaps between communities and cultures. Even so, harmony is achievable through a shared understanding that we are all inherently humans thriving on the same plane of existence. The appreciation of ideas beyond face value is an element of the human condition, and the generation of such ideas is art in itself.

Home to people of diverse backgrounds, Mauritius is a melting pot of untapped potential for the world to observe. Set to employ art as a catalyst for social change, the second edition of the Mauritius International Art Fair shall attempt to bridge these gaps amidst communities within the island nation.

Regardless of social stratifications, art is meant for all, and the world shall converge in Mauritius to bask in its eclectic mix of cultures and creations for a more empathetic tomorrow.


  • Curators

The curators’ committee comprises local and international curators. There will be a selection and we will inform all the artists of the status by Mid by 1st April 2021.


  • Deadline for Application

Deadline for application: 31st March 2021


  • Technical artwork Details:

Each artist will have the right to exhibit one Artwork

Artwork (Painting) should be between (60 x 40 cm) to (100 x 100 cm)

Sculpture or Installation will be taken into consideration individually.

The Artwork should be ready to hang.

All artworks should be drop at the Exhibition location by 17th May 2021.

Artists not traveling, the artwork should reach Mauritius by the first week of May.


  • International Artists

Artists are not traveling, they are responsible to courier their artwork to and back from Mauritius. The Artwork should reach Mauritius by the first week of May 2021.


  • Dismantle of Exhibition

MIAF 2019 will be closed on 23rd May at 16h00; Artists should arrange to collect your artwork on the same day for those traveling or on the following day. We will not keep any artwork or be responsible for any artwork after the show. Artists who want us to ship the artwork should make the shipment payment in advance, and we will arrange to ship it back.


  • Live Painting

During the Artist avenue Initiative, we are putting up a live painting performance, we will provide the canvas and basic art materials such as paint, palette and we advise artists to bring their brushes as well as other materials. For artists who use different mediums, e.g sculpture or installation, please advise us so that we can accommodate the request. All artworks produce during MIAF will remain for MIAF private collection 2021.


  • Sale of Artwork

ZeeArts will take a 10% commission on the sales of artwork

We will take care of the packing and provide the authenticity certificate

  • Currency

1 USD – 35 MUR

1 Euro – 40 MUR

1 AED – 9.40 MUR


  • Selection Criteria

The curators have established comprehensive criteria lists based on the below:

  • Artist Vision and Ideas
  • Originality
  • Theme Concept
  • Techniques
  • Artist portfolio


  • Country Pavilion

MIAF 2021 will bring different country pavilion for International artists including Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle-East, The Americas, and Oceania


  • Hotels Partners

We will introduce our Hotels partners in the coming months; Artists can book directly for a preferred rate


  • Payment

A participation fee of 150 Euro applies to all selected international artists. Excluding all bank charges when transferring online. All Payments should be settled in advance before 31st March 2021.


  • Refund Policy

If the artists could not participate for any reason after making the payment, we will refund the full amount before 31st January 2021.


  • COVID19 Policy

MIAF strongly abide by the rules and regulation of the Government of Mauritius to maintain a safe art fair. Wearing of Mask is compulsory and maintaining social distancing is mandatory. For International Artists a valid PCR test is recommended to have access to the exhibition


  • MIAF Covers:
  • International Exhibition
  • Conferences, Art and Finance
  • Island Tours (Includes Lunch)
  • Artist Avenue including art materials

Application Form

    Country* :

    Artwork #1

    Please attach at least one of your artworks. File needs to be in jpg format and less than 10mb

    Artwork #2

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    Application Form

      Country* :

      Artwork #1

      Please attach at least one of your artworks. File needs to be in jpg format and less than 10mb

      Artwork #2

      I agree to the terms and conditions

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