International Artists

International Artists

Exhibition Theme: “Bridge the Gap- Build the Future”

The selected artist will need to present one Artwork with any medium including (Painting, Sculpture, Installation, digital media, and photography) that reflect speaks about, “Bridge the Gap- Build the Future

Race, language, religion, and social statuses ripple through the fractures of society, further widening the gaps between communities and cultures. Even so, harmony is achievable through a shared understanding that we are all inherently humans thriving on the same plane of existence. The appreciation of ideas beyond face value is an element of the human condition, and the generation of such ideas is art in itself.

Home to people of diverse backgrounds, Mauritius is a melting pot of untapped potential for the world to observe. Set to employ art as a catalyst for social change, the second edition of the Mauritius International Art Fair shall attempt to bridge these gaps amidst communities within the island nation.

Regardless of social stratifications, art is meant for all, and the world shall converge in Mauritius to bask in its eclectic mix of cultures and creations for a more empathetic tomorrow

Deadline for Submission

Deadline for Submission: 15th  May 2022

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