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    Exhibition Theme: “Embrace the Past – Enlighten the Future”

    The theme promotes the celebration of diversity and inclusivity through acknowledgement and innovation. Parallel to how our ancestors learned from their past and built a future that we now call the present, artists should use their works as a springboard to embrace and learn from their past and depict an ideal society that is synonymous with our future.

    By integrating a variety of media and techniques, artists can portray their heritage while also highlighting how they can use that knowledge to shape the future of their cultures. The future is uncertain and yet full of possibilities; our past teaches us about the evolutionary process of our cultures which helps us build a promising future. An artwork should reflect one’s history while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

    Artists can use primary elements like customs, stories, songs, languages, festivals, materials, colors, patterns, architecture, and ideologies native to them to explore their beauty and how it will help them shape a new tomorrow. The works may also combine contrasting elements belonging to distinct eras. Like the biplane from the Wright brothers that is prompting an age of flying cars or social activism inspiring an egalitarian society.

    The theme encourages an artist to experiment with innovative approaches to art while incorporating traditional techniques and materials to create contemporary pieces reflecting one’s cultural heritage. Just as how American Japanese artist, Isamu Noguchi incorporates stone and wood, native mediums to Japan to create works that depicted a future where cultural diversities are celebrated.

    Artists are welcome to apply their ideas in collaboration with the theme to investigate their past and their evolution towards a brighter future as their work acts as a bridge between cultures and motivates an inclusive and vibrant tomorrow.

    Submission Guidelines: 

    1. Eligibility: Mauritian Artists and Artists residing in Mauritius are eligible to apply.
    2. Artwork: Submit an original body of artworks that reflects the theme “Embrace our Past- Enlighten our Future.” All mediums and styles are welcome, including painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, mixed media, installations, and more.
    3. Application Process: Submit your application through the official MIAF website. Include a portfolio of your artworks, an artist statement, and a brief description of how your artworks relate to the theme.
    4. Deadline: The submission deadline is 10th June 2023. Late submissions will not be accepted.
    5. Selection Process: A panel of esteemed art professionals will review the submissions and select artists based on the artistic merit, relevance to the theme, and overall quality of the artworks.

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