Artist Empowerment Program

It was not too long ago when the Arts struggled to share the same stage as the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics industries. About 2 decades later, as the creative industry begins showing signs of holding its own in the world’s markets, it is only befitting to upkeep the professional profiles of its various facets.

The art industry satiates the global demand for visual stimuli. Yet, with a potentially skewed focus in its specifics, other components begin falling short of industry standards. Amidst the revelry of the Mauritius International Art Fair, ZeeArt’s cross-border partnership with Singapore takes on an initiative that aims to augment the professional competency in every artist. Designated as the Artist Empowerment Programme, the seminar to be conducted by art writer and journalist Ryan Mario on the second day of the art fair (8th August) will elucidate on the appropriate measures to be taken during the compilation of the artists’ portfolios, biographical profiles and the art of photographing the artworks, along with potential considerations when entering the art market while negotiating a contract, how to make effective use of online gallery and ultimately how to price their work. Questions raised by the artists present on the quality of their portfolios and write-ups shall also be addressed by the reviewing committee during the program.

With ZeeArt’s commitment to supporting the art community at large in check, the Artist Empowerment Programme shall be stacked upon the gallery’s foundation of building a powerful legacy of trust within the art world.

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