Mauritius International Art Fair, 8-11 August 2019

The Mauritius International Art Fair (MIAF) will be held from 8th to 11th August 2019 at Le Caudan Arts Centre, Mauritius, under the headline ‘Fostering Unity – Celebrating Differences’, positioning Mauritius as a contender for one of the world’s most artistically vibrant countries.

Founded by artist-activist Zaahirah Muthy, MIAF is a multi-disciplinary contemporary art fair designed to introduce original artwork from both local and international artists and galleries, with the objectives of positioning Mauritius as an internationally renowned art hub destination; to generate increased levels of tourism both during the festival and year-round; and to educate Mauritian society around the value of buying original artwork as an investment, and empowering them to do so .

The MIAF is an annual rendez-vous for artists from all over the world to gather, network, and engage in artistic dialogue and cultural exchange. MIAF unites artists from around the world – predominantly from neighboring islands (Rodrigues, Reunion, Madagascar, Seychelles) but also from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania – in the spirit of plugging Mauritian artists into the global art network. Visitors will have the opportunity to view and purchase an impressive range of art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, visual, and sound media and assemblage – each of indisputably high quality, yet priced fairly. The MIAF will feature a carefully curated selection of emerging artists, solo artists, island pavilions, project spaces and a section for showcasing the heritage of Mauritius, alongside stimulating arts activities designed to engage and enthrall both visitors and children, including workshops, panel discussions, and live performances.

The exhibition will take place at the newly opened Caudan Arts Centre – a landmark cultural venue in Mauritius. Situated in Port-Louis, the capital city of Mauritius, Caudan Arts Centre is based in the precinct of Le Caudan Waterfront: a vibrant and iconic location nestled in the harbour that seamlessly marries business with leisure and culture and will be transformed into a lively open-air studio for the duration of an exhibition. Boasting a theatre with exceptional acoustics, an exhibition area and other first-rate facilities, Caudan Arts Centre aspires to be a leading cultural destination in the region.

MIAF is open to all, from visitors interested in current art trends, to passionate collectors investing in promising contemporary art, and professional collectors buying for museums, trusts and societies. Visitors will also include cultural representatives from art societies and museums, as well as freelance curators and critics on the lookout for new trends and discoveries on the art market.

Opening with a VIP performance at Le Caudan Arts Centre, the event will open to the public on its second day with a morning panel discussion dedicated to corporates, policymakers, art connoisseur and island tours scheduled for international artists. Day three will involve a live painting by artists and workshop for children, and a food art installation and competition. The final day of the exhibition will include an Award Ceremony to acknowledge the artists, partners and sponsors, and close with a Mauritian Diaspora Gala dinner.

The creative industry is a burgeoning sector, with multiple avenues for generating income for the country, including arts, digital animation and visual effect (VFX), digital media, performing arts, design and fashion, and theme parks. The annual contribution for this promising industry is estimated between 2.5 to 3% of the country’s GDP.

The Economic Development Board (EDB) is supporting the event as part of a broader government-led effort to position Mauritius as an international platform to promote art. The Creative Industries has become a new engine for growth and economic development and the concept is linked to creativity and intellectual capital that are based mainly on local capabilities and culture. This international event will develop business linkages between local and international artists who are involved in the cycles of creation, production and distribution of creative work of arts.

In its strategy to elevate Mauritius to a high-income economy the government has constantly reinforced the creative industry by creating the right framework for the Film industry to support local artists. Similarly, the Government of Mauritius has the same agenda and spirit to provide the necessary creative space to unleash local creative talents and create business opportunities to the outside world.

Caudan Arts Centre and Economic Development Board are proud to be associated with the MIAF, seeing it as a strong partner in their mission of establishing a bright, creative future for Mauritius. The coalition of these three institutions is set to consolidate the nation as a beacon of cosmopolitanism.

The event’s founder and founder of ZeeArts, Zaahirah Muthy, is a passionate art activist from the Island. Zaahirah has dedicated her life encouraging a positive social change, and bringing forth a message of empowerment through her art and artistic initiatives. Last but not least, she has exhibited her work in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the US and Asia. Zaahirah is the curator of World Art Dubai, and has curated over 28 art exhibitions in UAE, Singapore, Georgia and Lebanon, among the Art Connects Women, International Exhibition on its 3rd Edition.

ZeeArts is emerging from a community and now a leading art organization in the UAE. Its core mission is to connect and empower artists around the world through art exhibitions, events, retreats, and cultural exchanges. The organization has a strong commitment to social responsibility. Its philosophy includes the investment of leading artists to thriving economies, long-term productivity, and sustainable growth.

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