Nu Racin- Nu Leritaz, National Art Mural/Installation Competition

ZeeArts in collaboration with the Ministry of Education is launching a National School Campaign – The Mural Art and Installation Competition which is an initiative to raise awareness and explore children’s creativity with the vision of MIAF to position Mauritius as an Art and Cultural Hub. MIAF encourages students to let their imagination flow their creativity by producing a Mural Art or an Art installation.

Through the Ministry of Education,  we invite all school (primary and secondary) to participate and present a Mural Art/Installation under the theme – “Nu Leritaz nu Racin”.

The theme- “ Nu Leritaz Nu Racin”

We cannot deny how fast the world is evolving. Along with the new evolution of technology, are our children’s interest in computers, mobile phones, gadgets. However, games that are played on a virtual platform bring no such joy as games played in real life. It seems like our children have forgotten how to play.Luckily with MIAF, we are reaching out to children to develop their skills through games such as: “lamarel”, “canette”, “couc cassette”, etc …

All participating schools will receive a certificate of participation and MIAF will announce the three-top winners during the MIAF Gala Dinner.

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