terms and conditions

  • Exhibition Brief:

MIAF is the premier International Art Fair, bringing International Artists as well as regional artists together for four days program. The MIAF is a collaboration with ZeeArts and Economic Development Board- under the blessing of Prime Ministers Office (PMO) of Mauritius. Artists are invited to present their work under the theme “Fostering Unity and Celebrating Differences

  • Curators

The curators committee comprises of local and international experts that will review all applications. There will be a selection and we will inform artists within maximum of five days.


  • Exhibition Theme: Fostering Unity and Celebrating Differences

The selected artist will need to present one Artwork with any medium including (Painting, Sculpture, Installation, digital media and photography) that reflect on the given theme.


  • Deadline for Application

Deadline for application: 2nd May 2019


  • Technical artwork Details:

Each artist will have the right to exhibit one piece of Art

Artwork (Painting) should be between (60 x 40 cm) to (100 x 100)

Sculpture or Installation will be taken into consideration on case basis

Artwork should be ready to hang.


  • International Artists

Artists is responsible to courier their artwork to and back from Mauritius

Artwork should reach Mauritius by 1st of August 2019


  • Dismantle of Exhibition

MIAF 2019 will end on 11th of August; Artists should arrange to collect your artwork from 12th to 15th August at Caudan Arts Centre. We will not keep any artwork or be responsible for any artwork after the show if not sold. Artist who want us to ship their artwork should make the payment in advance, and we will arrange to ship it back.


  • Live Painting

During the live painting and performance, ZeeArts will provide the canvas and paint; however, we would advise artists to bring their brushes, palette and other materials. For artists who use different medium, e.g sculpture or installation, please advise us so that we can accommodate the request. All artworks produce during MIAF will remain in Mauritius, for MIAF private collection.

  • Sale of Artwork

ZeeArts will take 10% commission on the sales of artwork

We will take care for the packing and providing the authenticity certificate sign by the artist.

  • Currency

1 USD – 35 MUR

1 Euro – 40 MUR

1 AED – 9.40 MUR


  • Flight details

We are negotiating with different airlines partner to have a discount for artists, we will communicate soon to all artist selected.

Artists are most welcome to travel few days prior the MIAF to enjoy the island.


  • Hotels

We are communicating with different hotel and resort to have a great discount for all the artists, we will get back shortly with different options.

Artists are most welcome to join with their family.


  • Payment

A participation fee of 150 Euro is apply to all selected artists.

All Payment should be settled in advance before the 10th May 2019


The MIAF Covers:

Exhibition and Insurance (8th August to 11th August)

Local transportation

Conferences (Both Panel discussions)

Island Tours and Sunset Cruise (including dinner)

Lunch on the 9th and 10th of August

Art Materials for live performance

White Gala Dinner in a 5 star resort